Beating the Odds

We practice unconventional litigation.

Conventional wisdom says that the litigant with the most resources (and typically the most lawyers) is most likely to prevail. We do not believe this is true. Rather, we believe that success is a product of effective strategy and comprehensive preparation.

A recent study of the last 200 years of asymmetrical armed conflicts throughout the world—those in which one opponent maintained at least a ten-to-one advantage—found that the weaker party prevailed 28.5 percent of the time. The percentage rose to 63.6, however, in conflicts in which the weaker combatant employed an unconventional strategy. By implementing new strategies, the underdogs more than doubled their chances of winning, and won nearly two-thirds of the time. The implication is striking: relative power matters, but strategy determines outcomes.

Litigation is no different. Our strategies, which employ efficient litigation techniques and rely on fewer lawyers than our opponents, have proven effective time and again. We proceed through litigation with one focus: trial. That focus hones our pleadings, informs our discovery, and refines our briefing so that, at each stage of each case, we are guided by what we must prove at trial.

In the world of high-stakes litigation, we are guerilla lawyers.

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