Aligning Our Interests

Less is often more.

Although we employ a variety of fee arrangements, we handle most of our cases on a contingency basis. We are paid for success, and the amount of our pay turns on our performance.

We cannot afford inefficiency. We have learned from this model that early preparation is the most effective, and discovery disputes are almost always counterproductive. As such, our litigation strategy centers on what is needed to win, rather than endless quarrels with opposing counsel.

Our clients span from consumers with one-off injuries to fortune 500 companies challenging their largest vendors, but they all have this in common: the successful resolution of their case is imperative, and resource conservation is paramount. Our practice is designed to maximize their chances of winning while minimizing their costs.

Even the most complex cases are won or lost on the narrowest points, and inefficiency is ineffective. Gunfighters are not paid by the bullet.

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