We handle tough cases.

The Lewis Firm was founded 2009 with one purpose: to build an aggressive, results-oriented trial practice. We specialize in high stakes cases with overwhelming odds.

While facts may change from case to case, the skills that win cases don’t. The legal market is splintered into countless litigation specialties, but crucial cases do not require an attorney with a specialty. They require a special kind of lawyer, immersed in the case with a definitive goal.

In our experience, multiple lawyers, each with partial knowledge and responsibility, can never be as effective as one fully prepared, fully committed advocate. We staff our cases leanly, and we are always the most prepared lawyers in the room.

Lawsuits are fought as wars of attrition, and outcomes are often assumed based on relative resources. But one decisive lawyer with a capable strategy is better than ten conventional, hour-churning litigators.


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