The following is a list of some of our recent cases.

West Fork Advisors v. SunGard Consulting Services

The Lewis Firm is counsel for West Fork Advisors in an action alleging misappropriation of trade secrets, conversion, and conspiracy against SunGard Consulting Services and its subsidiaries, SunGard Data Systems and SunGard Investment Systems.  In 2010, West Fork hired SunGard to design a software platform for the implementation of a novel real estate and energy investment system created by West Fork.  After designing the platform, however, SunGard began to implement the software for a third party technology company, allowing that company access to West Fork’s intellectual property and effectively enabling it to convert investment funds intended for West Fork and its system.  The case is currently pending in the District Court for Dallas County, Texas, and is styled West Fork Advisors, LLC v. SunGard Consulting Services et al., Case No. 12-00681.

Aria Watan Nassery Group v. Sandi Group

The Lewis Firm is counsel for Aria Watan Nassery Group, a worldwide logistics company, in an action against Washington-based Sandi Group for breaches of a contract to provide fuel transport services to U.S. military forces in Afghanistan.  In 2009, Sandi Group was awarded a prime contract with the Department of the Army under which they were responsible for supplying vehicles, drivers, and other transport-related services in the region surrounding Bagram, Afghanistan.  That same year, Sandi Group subcontracted its contractual responsibilities to AWNG.  AWNG performed fully under the terms of the subcontract; however, beginning in June 2011, AWNG did not receive payment from Sandi Group for its services.  The case is currently pending in the District Court for the District of Columbia and is styled Aria Watan Nassery Group, IRC v. The Sandi Group, Inc., Case No. 11-cv-01980.

Mistina v. Alexandria Capital, LLC

The Lewis Firm is counsel for Carrie Mistina, former CFO of Summit Wealth Management, Inc. (Summit), in an action against Virginia-based Alexandria Capital, LLC, for breach of contract.  In August 2011, Summit entered into an asset purchase agreement with Alexandria Capital in which Alexandria Capital acquired certain investment accounts in exchange for annual payments to Summit.  In August 2012, Summit reassigned the annual payments due from Alexandria Capital to Ms. Mistina in exchange for a cash payment.  The first annual payment came due on October 1, 2012; Alexandria Capital failed to make any payment and now refuses to acknowledge Ms. Mistina’s right to the annual payments.  The case is currently pending in the District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia, and is styled Carrie Mistina v. Alexandria Capital, LLC, Case No. 1:13-cv-00692.

Progressive Insurance v. Diamond R Trucking

The Lewis Firm is counsel for Diamond R Trucking, a long-haul trucking company based in Fremont, Nebraska, in an action brought by Progressive Insurance.  In 2008, Progressive, who provided liability insurance for Diamond R, paid a claim for injuries arising out of an accident involving a former Diamond R contractor, despite the fact that neither then-current Diamond R employees nor Diamond R trucks were involved in the accident.  Subsequently, Progressive brought suit against Diamond R for subrogation pursuant to the MCS-90 endorsement contained in Diamond R’s liability policy.  Progressive’s claim is pending in the District Court for Dodge County, Nebraska, and is styled Progressive Northern Insurance Company v. Diamond R Trucking, LLC, Case No. CI10-757.

Vance v. CHF International

The Lewis Firm and Klores, Perry and Mitchell P.C. of Washington, DC are counsel for the family Stephen Vance, a U.S. Aid Worker who was targeted for assassination in Peshawar, Pakistan in November 2008.  Prior to Mr. Vance’s death, his employer, CHF International, and the company responsible for his security, Unity Resources Group, were well aware of the deteriorating security situation in Peshawar and the dangers it posed to American aid workers.  Despite this knowledge, CHF and Unity failed to provide Mr. Vance the most basic security protocols, including an armored car and a security-trained driver.  As a result of these failures, Mr. Vance was shot and killed by gunmen while driving to his office in Peshawar.  Mr. Vance was survived by his wife and five minor children, who brought an action for wrongful death against CHF and Unity in the United States District Court for the District of Maryland.  The case is styled Vance et al. v. CHF International et al., Case Number 8:11-cv-03210.

United States ex. rel. Wayne Kolbeck v. Point Blank Solutions

The Lewis Firm is currently prosecuting a whistleblower action against Point Blank Solutions in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia.  The Amended Complaint alleges violations of the Federal False Claims Act arising out of manufacturing failures in more than two million tactical vests provided to the United States from 1999 through 2010.  As a result of these failures, Point Blank provided the United States Armed Forces ballistic vests that are not “bullet proof,” and put soldiers’ lives in danger.  The case is styled United States ex rel. Kolbeck v. Point Blank Solutions Inc., et al., Case No. 08-cv-01187 (TSE/IDD), and it is currently stayed pursuant to the automatic stay issued by the bankruptcy court in In re SS Body Armor I, Inc., et al., Case No. 10-11255 (PJW).

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